Check your Airtel balances with quick codes (ussd codes)

Check your Airtel balances with quick codes (ussd codes)

Enter the following codes as you would dial a phone number into your phone and hit dial, a sms like message will be returned with the requested information free of charge.

Dial to check available :

Balance : *123#

Data : *123*11#

SMS/Text  : *123*2#

Validity : *121#

A simple tip to make this easier in the future is to set a contact in your phone for example Airtel and save each of the necessary codes as a phone number like the example screenshot below.  So when you need to check a certain balance all you need to do is hit dial on the respective code/number.

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  • G.Ananthakrishnan

    Considering that Airtel does not publicise the codes enough, this is quite useful. The short code for data is *123*10# though

    • Madhu Chandrakumar


      The listed data ussd code is what has worked for me, were you not able to get a result from the posted data ussd code?

      • pandhri

        wjay is code for blackberrey pack

        • Madhu Chandrakumar


          I don’t know exactly, as I have never gotten that pack, but try these: *123*10# or *141*11*0# or *141*712*0#, let me know if any of them work.

          Madhu Chandrakumar

          Email •
          Mobile • 913.723.1514
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          • sam

            how to check daily message count ….. ???

            please let me know it……..!!!

          • balaji

            *125*4# is to check daily message count.

          • BALAJI


          • BALAJI

            please airtel lapu ussd recharge code

          • Chandra Jain

            To know the minute balance use code *123*5#

    • TheGlossy1

      *123*10# is the 2G code, *123*11# is the 3G code. I know because I just charged my phone with 3G for the first time today, I ran *123*10# and it said I had nothing on that code. So I found this site and it showed my new 3G balance!

      • Madhu Chandrakumar


        Thanks for the tip, I will update my post.

        • sachin

          i recharge with some ammnt. but it is not displayed on screen what is code for it calling is continued it was a topup

  • ramkumar

    how to check airtel special balance

    • Madhu Chandrakumar


      I am not exactly sure what the codes are for checking special balance but try “*123*1#” and replace the ending 1 with 2 thru 10 and see if it displays the balance you are looking for, reply back if this helped.


      • prasanth

        *123*2# works for special balance. thank you :)

        • Madhu Chandrakumar

          You’re welcome!

          • kavya

            *123*2# works for sms balance not for spl balence

        • sachin

          this is for sms still stuck on the same place

  • karth

    *123*9# to check spl balance

    • Madhu Chandrakumar


      Thanks for the info.

  • shanto

    Thanks for the info

  • amb

    how to check the sms balance

    • helper


  • ramesh

    how to check own airtel mobile number

    • Madhu Chandrakumar


      Try *121*9#

  • muthurasu

    how to check rate cut booster

  • muthurasu

    how to check airtel raete cut booster

  • muthurasu

    how to check airtel rate cut booster

  • Aamir

    thanks 4 the help :)

  • Rony

    how to check when the message pack gets over..

  • Niladri Hazra

    Special Tariff Validity code is *111#

  • Ram

    how to check the special balance



  • hrithk roshan

    how to check roaming validity in airtel?

  • bharat

    how to cheak minutes balance

  • prashant

    my airtel number is9935560917 which is lock how i manage this

  • karan

    how to check the special balance

  • chenu agarwal

    what balance we check at *123*224# ?

  • Abhishek

    code for roaming validity?

  • Dev prajapati

    How to check 2g data balance

  • Murali Chidam

    airtel speical recharge balance checkup Code *121*333#

  • arun

    the above given code *123*2# is wrong

  • arun

    Hoe to check artl to artl sms bal plzzzz tell me

  • Arun

    how to check left roaming pack

  • Rahul Parwat

    how to check romaning pack ????